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Gerda Dabašinskaitė (b. 1997, Lithuania), is a visual artist from Lithuania, currently based in England, who seeks to provoke viewer’s self-awareness and broaden their own perspective on the importance, beauty and joy of colour.
Art is the constant in her life where she can be vulnerable and express her energy in motion through physical matter. She doesn’t quite like to be asked generic questions like, how were you feeling when you created this? Instead, she exhibits the fragments of her experiences, and would much rather know how it affected you, the viewer. Exposure is connection. When fewer words are exchanged, she leaves you with open access to feel what you see, touch and encore with her pieces.
Gerda began her professional artistic career back in 2016 when she became a Fine Art student at Coventry University. Her latest exhibition, ‘uncontained’ (2018), was a group exhibition at Centrala gallery, Birmingham. Through her contribution in planning an independent exhibition she was able to gather unbiased opinions to better understand her audience. Since then she has completed internships at Centrala gallery and Positive Youth Foundation, Coventry.

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I pay a lot of attention to colour and its associations to regular objects, feelings or emotions. I feel amazed how something like colour can have such a huge impact on our lives, and yet, people often disregard it as something that they think is unnecessary. I want my work to remind people about the importance, beauty and joy of colour.
The primary purpose of colour should be to express, and that’s why I don’t like to follow any systems or guidelines on how to use it, there is no reason to restrict colour. I trust my instincts to intuitively combine colours and see what I get. Most of the work that I make is a spontaneous mix of colour and materials that I collect. That is because, I am in constant search of new inspirations, looking for the new or the unusual.
Throughout my experimentations with colour and materials I seek to create more personal relationship between the viewers and the work. I want to provoke the viewer’s self-awareness and broaden their own perspective of their surroundings by using colour to capture viewers’ attention and curiosity.

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